A deadbolt is a deadbolt is a deadbolt….. NO ITS NOT! Like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. High security yet affordable options are widely available for your home and business. In my professional opinion its MORE cost effective. A good quality lock that will last 20 years is double the price of one that will work for 5 – 10, pretty simple maths. Having good quality locks on your home is the same as wanting a good safety rated seatbelt. The chances that something goes wrong is low, but if it does you want something that works.


There are many known attacks to open a deadbolt covertly (NDE – Non-destructive entry) and open a deadbolt using force (DE – Destructive entry) which are, but not limited to;


  • Picking (NDE)
  • Bumping (NDE)
  • Impressioning the cylinder (NDE)
  • Bypassing the bolt (NDE)
  • Bypass through the shroud (DE)
  • Prying/Spreading (DE)
  • Kicking/percussive force (DE)
  • Cutting the bolt (DE)


The standard deadbolt found at a hardware store protects against NONE of these known methods. It’s a placebo at best. It reminds me of a true story I got told as an apprentice. A Brisbane man had $250,000 of gold bullion in his house, and he decided to keep it “secure” in a $40 dollar Bunnings safe. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how well that went….. If you have a $700 solid core door protecting your home, don’t install a $30 deadbolt on it! The numbers just don’t add up. Spending a hundred dollars more for good quality locks can get you so many protections against attacks by using simple, effect methods to deter criminals such as;


  • Security pins in lock cylinder (bumping & picking)

Makes lock picking attacks more difficult


  • Counter balanced bolt (kicking & percussive force)

Prevents bolt sheering off in door jamb when kicking or using force

  • Hardened steel strike box with frame reinforcing screw (kicking & percussive force)

Considerably strengthens the weakest part of your security (frame and door jamb)

  • Steel lock shroud (shroud bypass)
  • Hardened steel lock bolt (cutting the bolt)
  • Using a restricted cylinder (picking, bumping & impressioning)
  • Installation of a good quality lock by a professional (prying/spreading, bypassing the bolt)

Good security doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, its just a matter of getting good quality locks installed by professionals that know the ins and outs and the details you don’t notice. Here at SK Locksmiths & Security we pride ourselves on offering expert security advise and solutions to local Brisbane residents for residential, commercial, industrial and emergency locksmithing services. Thanks for reading and have a great day.