Here at SK Locksmiths & Security we are certified suppliers & installers of one of the worlds best solutions for the access control and electronic locking space. Assa Abloy’s Aperio range of electronic locking devices provides companies & enterprises with a fully fledged access control system with a wide range of credentials including swipe cards, codes, fobs and even mobile phone access. All this flexibility is packed into a wireless device that halves the cost of traditional access control systems.


Assa Abloy are the world leaders in door opening and access systems. The Australian Aperio product range is tailor made for our environment and building design, which allows a quick and easy installation saving massive amounts of costs and time spent on site. Here at SK Locksmiths & Security our goal is to provide state of the art technology and security solutions for our clients so they can get back to what they do best, while having piece of mind that their property is secure. With an Aperio access control solution, no wiring to the door and a straight forward installation process means that we are intruding on your work space for a much smaller amount of time, not to mention our clients are saving lots of money because of the reduced labour and parts you would typically see in a traditional electronic access control system.

Some of the benefits of our Aperio access control products include


1 – Electronic Audit Trail

An electronic audit trail allows the end user to see what spaces employees, subcontractors, or anyone with access rights/credentials enter and what time they swiped in. This helps with security, payroll and general operating efficiency.


2 – Scheduling

One of the prime benefits of an electronic access control system is the ability to set up and change schedules. Scheduling is where doors may unlock at certain times on certain days, relock at certain times and perform a variety of automated functions. Take your business to the next level by having ultimate control over your work place.

3 – Access Rights

Because all access rights are electronic in nature, if cards or pin codes need to be revoked. The client is able to access an easy to use and secure web browser that can change access rights to any lost cards/codes to maintain total security without needing a locksmith to change all the locks which can be a very expensive process. Because clients can schedule a one-time code for a customer or contractor it means that the security of the premises is not compromised by handing out keys to guests, clients, or tradesmen.


4 – Security

Having our clients premises secure is our highest priority. All the products that we endorse here at SK Locksmiths & Security go through rigorous testing to ensure the security level of the products we supply meet our high standards.


5 – Durability

Making sure our clients are satisfied with a robust security product that stands the test of time is very important to us. The massive battery life of the Aperio product range means that batteries will need to be changed every 2 – 3 years even under very high use environments. Traditional access control systems need servicing every 12 – 24 months which means there is even less serviceability required with our Assa Abloy Aperio product range which can save on cost even further. Many of the products are supplied with a key override cylinder in the event of a failure which also prevents costly lockout situations on entry doors.


6 – Adaptability

The wide range of tailor-made Australian products means that there is virtually no door that we can’t get integrated with your electronic access control system. Internal office doors, external aluminum doors, sliding doors, frameless glass doors and even gates can be converted into an Aperio electronically secured door. We can also integrate Aperio wireless products into a traditional access control system which allows our clients to have a hybrid solution when required.


Here at SK Locksmiths & Security we are excited to offer you a fantastic product at a competitive price. We care deeply about our clients security and access needs and are happy to meet you onsite for a no obligation consultation and chat about all of our security and locking products that we offer to help maximize your safety and the efficiency of your business or enterprise.


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