One of the most common jobs a locksmith is called out for is changing or repairing of locks when moving in or out of a new property. When this happens there are a few things to keep in mind when booking a locksmith.


A very sensible idea is to get all of your external doors changed so that you have new keys and have that piece of mind guarantee that no body will have the keys for your sparkly new home besides you and loved ones. I won’t go into the details of the horror stories I’ve dealt with if you decide that its not necessary to change locks but lets just say that while rare, this issues are more common than you would think. Besides, in my personal opinion, piece of mind is priceless.


Another service that is included with moving house rekey is to delete all the old electronic garage door remotes and re programming your own. Due to modern  house design most people enter and exit through the garage so is actually more likely that old tenants/owners accidently (or on purpose) held onto an old garage remote that would still operate your door and give them access to your house.


Unfortunately, it is a reality of house design and construction that the vast majority of locks installed by builders are not designed to any sought of security or durability standard and are normally purchased bulk from hardware companies or door suppliers. It is very common for locksmiths to suggest upgrades or lock replacement when moving due to the inferior locking hardware used during construction. Its one of those things that you end up spending money to save money. Cheap locks break…..a lot and are not covered by any sort of locksmiths warranty. I don’t enjoy having to reattend a job because a cheap lock I rekeyed 1 month ago has failed mechanically, and the customer really doesn’t enjoy having to pay me twice! This is why I inform my customers as soon as I spot a cheap, nasty lock and recommend suitable replacements. At the end of my day its my job to sought your security out in a way that you wont have to see me again! At least not for a while anyway…..


With all the stresses involved with picking up your life and moving it. It pays to rely on professionals that take pride in their work and service to ensure a smooth and hassle free transition process for customers. If you care moving to Brisbane, Muval is a great removalist company to reduce the headaches of moving house.


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