Restricted Key Systems.


What are restricted key systems? Well, in a nutshell they are special lock cylinders of varying security that allow controlled distribution of keys to the customer. But why are they good and why do I recommend them?


For commercial purposes they are a fantastic way to manage keys for employees, staff and other individuals that are accessing your premises. With a regular lock and key there is nothing stopping a disgruntled employee, tradesperson, cleaner or anyone taking a key for your business down to the local hardware shop and getting a key copied. All the locks and security in the world doesn’t matter if a person has unrestricted access to your premises for a $4.95 key cutting fee. Restricted keys are cut and issued by a locksmith to a “signatory” which is a person who’s signature and details are attached to the key system and copies will only be made if a signatory authorizes it. Local hardware stores are physically incapable of copying a restricted key and locksmiths will not copy it as it is against the law and would have their access to restricted locks revoked.


This way you know exactly how many keys exist. What doors those keys open and who has them. A very cost effective method of controlling access to your premises.


They are also a lot more secure then traditional locks, restricted systems come in many different forms and different price points but essentially they are highly pick and bump resistant with very limited access to key blanks which significantly reduces the amount of attacks a would be burglar can use to open your locks.


I have recently started recommending restricted key systems for residential homes. The reason for this is unfortunately that lock picking tools have become widely available on the internet and the popularity of people teaching others how to use easy to access lock picking tools is widely available on YouTube and similar platforms. Previously restricted tools used to open Australian standard locks (90% of homes have these installed) that are very easy to operate and require little to no training have become available to anyone that wants to open their wallet. Several years ago a good quality lock was good enough to prevent lock picking as the tools required practice and in-depth knowledge of what you were doing to get an open. These new tools are “idiot proof” in fact I have taught several friends and family members of mine to open locks in minutes, which is a bit frightening.


I believe in good security within reason. I will only recommend products that I would be happy to secure my home with. Most good locks will provide good defense against destructive entry, but unfortunately in Australia we are lacking on standard products that provide resistance to non destructive entry including lock picking and bumping. Restricted key systems negate this security deficit for a very affordable price.


Here at SK Locksmiths & Security we provide free onsite consultations for restricted key systems, security audits and upgrades, smart locks, alarms, access control, safes and fire containers, repair & maintenance of all types of locks and security products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Stay safe!