Sigma X – Entry Level Restricted Key System

The best in affordable key systems, Sigma X is a flexible, multi broach inline system that allows for higher security and more control of your keys and locks for your home or business. Legal protection against key duplication along with controlled distribution of key blanks means that illicit key duplication is very difficult. For the owner of the system this provides more security and control over who has access to your home or business.

The simple design of Sigma X allows very easy retrofitting into existing locking systems which means that it is even more affordable than other products on the market as it is so compatible with Australian lock standards. The multi broach design also allows for complex system designs which to the end user or owner of the system massively simplifies key control. The convenience of carrying a master that unlocks all doors in a house/apartment block/building can’t be beaten. Along with this simplicity, sub keys that open single apartments, communal doors or groups of doors get signed out with specific issue numbers which allows for strict key control.

The features and benefits of Sigma X

– Affordable
– High strength keys
– Compatible with Australian market
– Bump/pick resistant for added security
– Legal/technical protection
– Patented to 2030
– Secure system record keeping
– Code cut keys assures accuracy, reducing maintenance and “false lockout” scenarios

Unfortunately security is becoming ever more important in our modern society, it’s a no brainer to install a restricted key system. Sigma X is a fantastic low cost entry point into higher security, control & piece of mind.

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