In this new series, I will be touching on the different methods to secure the different types of doors found commonly here in Australia. Today we will be focusing on sliding glass doors.


I would say about 80% of all break-ins I attend to perform repairs, lock replacements and secure homes the entry point that the criminal has forced open has been the sliding screen & glass door. There is a couple of reasons for this but essentially it boils down to simple physics. A sliding glass door can pivot (due to the track and rollers) along the entire length of the door, the doors can weigh up to 150kg or more, can get up to 3 meter’s long and nine times out of ten a small hook bolt sits into a steel strike that is screwed into a weak aluminum frame that’s about 2mm thick. Glass doors also are more commonly found at the back of the property which gives burglars a safe spot out of the street to break into your home. Additionally, due to the direction the door travels (sliding), it is also much easier to jimmy open as you can apply force in the opening direction very easily. Lifting the hook bolt up over the strike is also quite common as there is substantial vertical play in most sliding glass doors.


So yes, there are many vulnerabilities to sliding glass doors and it is the exact reason they are targeted. Luckily for us there are a few simple solutions a good locksmith can suggest to rectify these issues and provide some peace of mind for you and your family. I consider piece of mind absolutely priceless, maybe it’s a professional habit as a locksmith but I place a very high priority on feeling safe and secure in my own home and there is nothing worse then feeling vulnerable in the place you’re supposed to be able to relax and unwind.


The first port of call is an easy one, get rid of that cheap plastic or aluminum handle on the door and install a proper sliding glass door deadlock. There are many benefits to these such as;

  • Twin bi-directional hook beak locking (prevent door lifting)
  • Stainless steel strike box (stainless bends rather then snaps like cheap die cast steel)
  • High quality cylinder (some glass door locks I can open with a bobby pin, these you cannot!)
  • Ability to key lock on the inside (insurance rated)


Another very good benefit that is not standard but I always do when I install these is to not only screw the strike into the aluminum frame, but also drive two long hardened steel screws into the timber or brick wall next to the door. This doubles or triples the amount of pry resistance essentially screwing your lock strike into the frame of the house itself. For only a couple of extra dollars it’s a no brainer! After all, at the end of the day Locksmiths are security specialists and the buck stops with us, anything we can do to increase the security of your home is paramount to us.


If you really want to lock up tight, and something I do for all my sliding doors at home is to install a high quality lockable bolt at the top & bottom of the door.


These bolts are an absolute must to prevent prying attacks as multiple point locking on doors of these sizes are vital in stacking the odds back in your favor for securing your home. However, care must be taken installing these at the top of the door if you have young children for fire safety reasons. There is always a balance between security, safety & convenience. Here at SK locksmiths & Security we take all these factors into consideration before suggesting a security solution tailored to your family.

With over 10 years locksmithing experience in the Brisbane community, we are the specialists when it comes to home security. We like to think here at SK Locksmiths that we take that extra step in customer service and product finish to do the little things that the customer might not notice. If you’re going to do a job do it right so give us a call today!