Unfortunately todays market is absolutely saturated with smart locks. The sad reality of these products is the vast majority of them are made very poorly and don’t provide the security needs that they advertise as well as not standing the test of time. Electronics cost money, and for that extra money you should be confident that the product is going to give you years of trouble free use. With cheaper mechanisms available at hardware stores unfortunately this just isn’t the case. But not to worry, this is what we do here at SK Locksmiths. We love security, locks and value for money. We are constantly testing mechanisms and putting them through their paces as its imperative to us that if we are going to recommend a product to you, that the foundation of that recommendation is based in expertise and knowledge of the current market so that we can leave our customers satisfied.


My new favorite product for the residential smart home market is the Yale Unity series of entrance locks. The two main models are the timber door version (fire rated version also available for apartments) and the security screen door model.



These products are absolutely jammed pack with features, but more importantly have a very robust construction so as not to compromise security for fancy electronic gimmicks. Below is a very brief list of some of the benefits of the unity smart lock series

  • Dual Door Technology

The first of its kind for the residential market. Both the screen door and timer door can be “linked” together. This means that securing or opening both doors only requires 1 “credential” so one swipe card, one code or one tap on your phone. In Queensland this is especially important because the desire to do away with keys for your front entry door doesn’t make much sense if you have to leave your screen door unlocked to be able to access the house without a key, effectively rendering your expensive security screen door a fancy paper weight.


  • Digital Deadlocking

Once again a first for the market. With just a tap of a button on your phone you can digitally deadlock the internal handles of your locks. This is crucial for insurance requirements when you go away for the holiday season or just leave the house unattended to go to work. The break ins I see on a day to day basis could have been prevented if the house had been deadlocked. This digital deadlocking features means no additional hardware needed and no keys needed to deadlock your doors.


  • Security

Far too many electronic products sacrifice security for convenience. This just isn’t the case with unity series. The timber door locks meets SL8 and D8 under the Australian Standards for both security and durability (8 being the highest available) and the screen door version rating SL6 and D7. So as long as its installed properly, (professional installation by a qualified locksmith highly recommended) these products are sure to meet your security needs. The security can be improved even further by a qualified locksmith with things like step over and extended strike plates.


  • App Flexibility

The Access app has a very intuitive design where you can customize the features very seamlessly. For extra security you can require Face ID to operate the lock. You can customize the locks to automatically lock/unlock as you approach the door or leave for work as well as set an access schedule for cleaners, house guests or tradespeople where their code or app access is timed on a recurring schedule. Smart notifications also allow you to get notified when and who accesses your property or arrives home


  • Access anywhere

With the additional WIFI module the lock can be remotely opened and programmed while also letting you receive notifications from anywhere in the world.


  • Aesthetics

The products look great and the security screen door version has just won the Australia’s International Good Design Award for Design Excellence which is Australia’s most prestigious and oldest design awards program.


To summarize, these are great products that will suit the vast majority of customers security, convenience and access needs. Here at SK Locksmiths & Security we provide free quotes and consultations on every type of lock and security product. Get in touch today to learn more of just have a chat!


Stay Safe!